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Here are small summaries of each character that appears inside of this cast of characters. Greater detail and length has been spent on them in the actual stories by defining their motives and purposes, but here you can get a brief overview of who all you will come across. Along with each name, you will find a few example titles where you can instantly learn more of the character.

Zero - Karen Jones - Matt Lee
Erica Storm - Theodore Balmore - Jacob Jones - Patrick Balmore
Karl Simmons - Mayor Clemson - Kate Winder - Lucky - Fred Storm
Ellen Rodriguez - Simon Kit - Carenthia Adams - Mrs. Jenkins - Fast To Nowhere

He's the main character inside of this story. I could go in depth on him, but then there would be no need for the rest of this site. For the most direct information regarding him, please refer to either the History page, the Stories pages, in which he appears in almost all of, or to the Profile page.

Karen Jones   
She was one of the first characters introduced into this cast. Originally, she was a waitress at a club in Gilman. Through a strange twist of fates, she wound up with Zero. For more information regarding her, please refer to the first Revelations part, which made reference to significant events that caused the end of she and Zero's relationship. She was also a key topic in the History page on this site. As well as that, one story that was devoted almost completely to the thought of her was Karen.

Matt Lee   
He was Zero's neighbor at the Gilman apartments. For the longest amount of time, he would always be present during stories, but could never come into his own. Therefore, a good part of the entire Revelations story was spent in effort to really define the character. Once the character was defined, it was added to and completed in the Adversity on Gilman series. His role in Adversity on Gilman was what truly formed the "adversity" aspect of the title, though, as it saw the passing of Matt due to a car wreck.

Erica Storm   
Former girlfriend of Patrick Balmore, but she moved on to Matt. Erica was introduced during the Revelations series, and has since had a whole series dedicated to a series of events that surrounds her in Adversity on Gilman.

Theodore Balmore   
He was the childhood bully to Lint Douglas. This character, although collective memories of his presence can be dated back to the origin of Zero, made his first official appearance into the cast during the Revelations series. He was the main foe to Zero. Revelations has been the only thing he appeared in.

Jacob Jones   
Soft, timid, and modest, JJ was the missing link of information that no one would have ever assumed. His introduction was in Revelations, although his handy work can be dated back to immediately when Zero was set free from the trial. Revelations is the only series that he has appeared in so far.

Patrick Balmore   
Kid brother of Theodore. He shares the same traits as his older sibling. They even went to jail together. Patrick probably had a bit more anger inside of him when triggered, and a general low lack of respect for females. But he lacked in the ability to keep his cool under pressure. Revelations was the first time the character was brought into the story, as well as the first time that his presence was ever felt in the stories. The series remains his only spots in the cast.

Karl Simmons   
Jock, drunk, and loud: these things describe Karl. He's a grown man living in a teenage body, refusing to grow up. He was more of a supporting character than anything else. His loud mannerisms were defined, but he still remained a standard background character to the action going on in the foreground. Revelations was the first time the character was brought into the story, as well as the first time that his presence was ever felt in the stories. The series remains his only spots in the cast.

Mayor Clemson   
He's a man looking for respect. Being a mayor obviously doesn't get it for him, so he looks for the admiration of those in high standing with the community. As of right now, he's just a standard background character. Things could be done with him, though, but for right now, his only appearance, like so many others, rests in the Revelations series.

Kate Winder   
On face value, Kate is just a storyline character, used to fill a role. But actually, after the whole Revelations story was told, she played a rather large, albeit unseen, part in the grand scheme of how things came to be and why they ended the way they did. Revelations remains her only spot in the stories, but she is mentioned again in the Adversity on Gilman series.

He's not really a background character. But then again, he's not a foreground character. He's basically just an established character who other characters in the story can be seen interacting with at times when advice is needed. He remains busy running Lucky's Bar, so unless someone takes a trip there, Lucky won't see too much action inside of the direct stories. But he has been in both the Revelations series, and the Adversity on Gilman series.

Fred Storm   
He is Erica's father. Although not really pronounced in any of the stories, he does hold a background that is just waiting to be tapped into. For now, his only spot is in the Revelations series, but he is also heavily referred to in the Adversity on Gilman series.

Ellen Rodriguez   
When there's news to be reported, she's the woman who you will see doing the job. In the storylines, she bears no impact. But in getting certain aspects of the story across, sometimes she is needed to at least tell the news. So far, her only announced spot has been in Revelations, although she was the reporter who broke the news a year and a half ago about Zero being let off in court.

Simon Kit   
He was the closest thing that Zero had to a "friend" while growing up. Even that was shadowy, though, as Simon later said in his reunion with Zero for a brief period of time back in 1999. His story spots remain in the form of letter, The Letter trilogy, as well as a brief mention of during the Revelations series. He has yet to be officially retired from the stories, though, so his future may still be undetermined.

Carenthia Adams   
She was a new neighbor of Zero's that appeared in the second part of the Tribute pair of stories. She was the daughter of fellow neighbor, Mrs. Jenkins', high school best friend. Her character didn't really come out until the Adversity on Gilman series, though, where her history and character makeup was finally revealed. At this moment in time, that one story and her large part in the Adversity on Gilman series remain her only parts in the cast.

Mrs. Jenkins   
She's the resident hater of Zero. If there was ever a cynical woman, this is she. She doesn't trust Zero. She despises him. Anything he does, she throws caution up in a complete lack of trust in him. Add to the fact that she's also a gossip, particularly about topics that pertain to Zero, and she's a real class act in how to be a nuisance. Like Carenthia, her only cast spots are in the second part of the Tribute stories, and both her visible and referred role in the Adversity on Gilman series.

Fast To Nowhere   
Yes, my band was a cast member. It was only for one story, but it was still worth mentioning. In the story, I met Zero when the HEW came to Monroe, Louisiana, to put on a show. The cameo was in the Are Your Questions Going Fast To Nowhere? story. It wasn't anything large, and held no impact on stories whatsoever. But it was still a slight spot in the cast.