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by Andy Bloxham
since 7-11-99

Welcome to the Zero site. This is my project/hobby site for Zero, the main focus of my writing characters that I use in my short stories. As of January 6th, 2002, he has returned to the professional wrestling world.

Below are links that you will find helpful for navigating this site...

      History: This starts from the very beginning of life for Zero and details his road of tribulations up to the present day.

      Cast: Here, you will find a summary styled page that goes over the list of characters that you will run across while browsing the Zero stories. Some characters may have been short lived, but they have held a certain importance one time or another.

      Stories: This is the heart of the site, although the two pages above are recommended before entering into this category. Once inside of this section, you'll come across all of the characters and their interactions with each other, detailed in a continuous storyline that stretches apart all of the stories in some way or another.

After those three essential links, everything else is supplement to the story. Various pages will bring some aspects of the story alive, while others are merely just for fun. Regardless of which and what you choose to view, though, I do thank you for stopping by and hope that you enjoy your visit.

In tribute to Ed Wilson, founder of the CWL

I'm still in shock.

When I originally saw Travis' message earlier today, I skimmed it without really realizing what I was reading. But soon, the words hit me. I read it again, and then again. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Dejavu of Ed's April Fools post was the first thing that came to mind, but then the realization of it being May 1st was what crossed through my mind next. The truth still wouldn't settle, though. I sat here motionless, not wanting to accept it.

I remember the first time I spoke with Ed. Back in September, I was basically just thinking about leaving e-wrestling. The egos, politics, and general stupidity were just things that I had grown tired of. But on September 9th, there was an e-mail in my inbox from someone named Ed Wilson. I almost deleted it without even reading it, but decided to check it out anyway. Inside, he told me about some new fed that he was starting and asked if I wanted to be apart of it. Now I didn't know who Ed Wilson was. But I e-mailed him back and that started a string of e-mails with him answering my questions by telling me his plans, goals, and ideas that he had for this fed known as "CWL." Needless to say, he drew me into those ideas. But it wasn't all just because of this or that that the fed would offer… this man who I had just met struck me as a guy who seemed genuinely nice. That was probably the biggest factor in the whole thing.

Then came the long three-plus month wait for the fed to even open. I know I bugged him with my fair share amount of questions about what this or that would be on the site. It was exciting. Those who came here after it opened won't realize how much fun it was to watch the CWL site slowly grow into what it eventually became.

I got to know Ed fairly well since that first recruitment e-mail (I saved that e-mail, actually… and am now real glad that I did). He was a great guy. Words really can't express what kind of guy he was. He was able to handle problems with a cool head and approached everything with a great outlook and calm attitude. There aren't many in this hobby that can do that. And now sadly, there is one less person who we can have on that already short list.

My thoughts, prayers, and condolences go out to the Wilson and Beaven family, as well as to Davis and Kel. It's a terrible time right now. They are going to need this time.

I had only known Ed since September, but I feel as if I could ramble on here for quite awhile about conversations or funny things he said in e-mail. You felt as if you knew him well, even after first meeting him. Of course, I'm sure none of us knew all of him, but he didn't give off that vibe of being someone who was intentionally trying to be distant from you. He was courteous. He was friendly.

He was good people.

Ed Wilson, you will most certainly be missed by many. Glad that I was fortunate enough to meet you.

--Andy Bloxham